Date / Time
10/05/2017 - 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Here is an opportunity to experience BOTH European evidential Mediumship, and powerful Angel messages in the same event! Internationally renowned Psychic Medium, Vincent Genna joins forces with Certified Angel Messenger, Karen Paolino Correia to bring the Spirit realm closer to Earth.

During this event, Vincent and Karen will be demonstrating the communication process, as they each connect with these Higher realms through their unique gifts. What makes Vincent different is he has the unique ability to thin the veil between the physical and Spirit worlds so that you feel as if the transitioned souls are alive again! Then he goes where few others dare to go to obtain the deepest life-transforming messages.

Karen will connect to the angels sharing messages of divine guidance. She will share how the Angels can help you fulfill your purpose. You will receive divine guidance concerning relationships, career, finances, emotional issues and other life challenges. The angels will deliver the gifts of inspiration and hope that empower you to make choices

If you have ever attended one of Vincent’s Mediumship or Gallery Reading events, you know that even though not everyone there will receive an individual reading or connection, the powerful messages will be for EVERYONE! 

However, to make this event even more special for all, at the end, Karen will guide everyone through an altered consciousness reverie where you can feel and experience the love and healing support from your Spiritual family. Your experience will leave with you with a feeling of peace that you are never alone and are forever loved.

Become transformed as you hear inspiring and empowering Divine guidance from Angels and transitioned souls and loved ones wishing to provide messages of love, hope, and healing!

Admission is $50 for One, $45 for 2 or more! 

Where: F1 Braintree, 290 Wood Rd, Braintree Ma

Time: 6:30-9:30 pm

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