Are you going to choose love or fear?

I was asked by one of my students in the Angel Messenger Certification course…”Karen, could you do a proper public blog to comment on what the collective consciousness can be learning spiritually with Ebola because it seems to be affecting a lot of people, at least mentally and emotionally.” So I asked my angels if they would be willing to share…

My dearest angels, what would you like to say to all those that are ready to listen about Ebola….

We choose not to complicate the situation but only to simplify its opportunities. The opportunity is even more significant because the intensified focus of the condition has escalated and magnified. Therefore a greater shift can occur, a shift of change, a shift of consciousness. Are you and all, going to choose to remember love and oneness or expand in the consciousness of fear and separation? This is the choice. This is the opportunity.

We, your divine family, are always here in support, unconditional love and protection. We have compassion for the confusion the media has created because they know fear draws attention. Yet we remind you, that love creates as much attention and the outcome is significantly more peaceful and pleasurable.

We ask each of you to ask yourselves, how does it serve you to focus on fear especially in this situation? Are your thoughts, feelings and possible projections of “what if” serving you? Does the anger and blame you have for the government, the hospitals, the infected and all those involved, make you feel better or does it just magnify and send out more ripples of fear and anger?

We remind you… what you focus on expands.

If you focus on Ebola, the experiences of Ebola expand. If you focus on love, prayer and a cure, your intentions expand the outcome of your wishes. Imagine if you will, everyone, or just imagine yourself, choosing not to engage in fear and instead making a choice to center your thoughts and actions on love and support instead.

The opportunity presents itself once again, to choose… will you and others choose to unite in love or separate and isolate in fear?”

My dearest angels how can we focus and choose love vs. fear?

“Awareness is the key dear ones. If you find your thoughts focused on fear or the “what if’s”, pause, and know that you have the power to choose in that moment, to initiate change, even a miracle and to participate in a global shift. Yes, just one at a time you can affect the whole.

We have shared with our beloved messenger to continue to spread the power of one simple question…What would love do? or What would love choose?

We know you love examples. So in this experience of Ebola, you have the opportunity to choose the following…

When you feel fear watching the news… Love would choose to turn it off and pray, send love and healing to all those affected and all those in fear.
When you start to blame or criticize the situation or the choices people are making… Love would choose compassion and forgiveness. Maybe those involved do not know or want to acknowledge what they are doing in the midst of fear.

When you feel unsafe and begin to project an outcome of fear…. Love would call upon your divine helpers to protect, comfort and remind you that only love is real.

When you feel fear for the world and all those infected with Ebola… Love would pray for a cure, send love and envision all being healed, healthy and whole.

We bring you back to the answer for guidance… Your power lies in your choice and it is simple and the miracle for change…

Are you going to choose to create from love or fear? Are you going to expand the consciousness and the reality of oneness or separation?

We remind you dear ones this is an opportunity that has presented itself many times and in many ways throughout history and we ask you, how apparent, how strong, how close to home does it need to get, in order for you to choose?

We surround you in unconditional love and we remind you, we are always here, in all ways, to guide and support you. Remember to ask for help in your thoughts, in your prayers and know we pray for you in every moment, to re-member love.”